Umpqua Lumber

Umpqua Lumber Company, located 10 miles south of Roseburg,
Oregon, manufactures stud lumber produced from green and kiln-dried Douglas Fir, kiln-dried Hem-Fir, and kiln dried SPF-S. PET products are branded and waxed. The mill is located minutes from Interstate 5 and is served by the Union Pacific railroad. product list for Umpqua Lumber

Kiln Dried Doug-Fir 2'x4'x9’ #2
Kiln Dried Doug-Fir 2'x4'x8’ #2
Kiln Dried Hem-Fir 2'x4'x8’ #2
Kiln Dried Hem-Fir 2'x4'x9’ #2
Kiln Dried Spruce 2'x4'x8’ #2
Kiln Dried Spruce 2'x4'x9’ #2

Green Doug-Fir 2'x4'x8' #2
Green Doug-Fir 2'x4'x9' #2
Green Doug-Fir 4'x4'x8’ #2
Green Doug-Fir 4'x6'x8’ #2
Green Doug-Fir 4'x6'x9’ #2
Green Doug-Fir 6'x6'x9’ #2
Green Doug-Fir Shorts 2'x4'

Kiln Dried Doug-Fir Mill Trim 2'x4'

Green Doug-Fir 1'x4'x8’